The Beauty Blind

I’m a guy who has a skill, the skill of seeing everything new as a quite normal thing. I’m the kind of guy who even if you take him to planet Mars he would just say, “Yup, that’s good.”

It’s been 8 months since I moved out to live in Istanbul, which is obviously one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but every time my parents or my friends ask me about how Istanbul is, I say, “Yeah, it’s good”. Once my friend told me, “It’s been two years I’m living in Istanbul, and you are the first person I met who described Istanbul with that cold, frosty and short words.”

I always thought this is a good skill I have, the skill of seeing everything new as quite normal. And that was the case until I saw a Snap of Lubna Alkhamis.

Lubna is the kind of a person that can take you to a peaceful and pleasant state of mind with a single picture or by spelling some few words with her magical voice.
So that day, Lubna posted a Snap where she wrote, “I wish I will never lose the gift of being amazed.’’
And at that moment, I understood that the skill I thought I have, is actually a gift I miserably lost. I lost the skill of seeing the beauty, and the gift of being amazed by the beauty I see.

I started wondering since when I became a beauty blind, and when was the exact moment I lost the feeling of amazement. 
Of course, I searched in my weak memory for a single event where I said the word ‘wow’ after watching something new, and of course, I couldn’t find it. Then I surfed on all the pictures and videos I took in my previous trips, and by miracle I found one video I took in September 2017 in Koh Tao, Thailand, when I saw the Turtle Island and I literally said, “Wow, what a beauty.”

When I watched that video of 20 seconds, the feeling of amazement was reborn inside me again, and I witnessed how beautiful that was, and I decided to never ever loose that gift anymore.

And to do that, I followed the steps of my guru Lubna… Every day she takes pictures of New York, and she shares them with us. And by doing the same thing, I was able take more time to admire the amazing view I see, and then, capture that admiration with the best photo I can, to share it on my Instagram Stories.

I started doing that 15 days ago, and that took me from describing Istanbul as just Good, to Magical. Magical in the sense that in every corner of the town, you can discover something that will leave your mouth big open and your neck in pain since you’re looking around, up and down all the time.

So, wherever you are, just look around, you will see a ton of beautiful things there. It can be a flower, a pet, the sky, a color you like, even a sharp stone on the ground. There is beauty everywhere waiting for you to see it, and you will be amazed how that can change your day once you capture it.

Note: I’ll be posting the new photos or videos I take on my Instagram Zo_Captures.


23 thoughts on “The Beauty Blind

  1. I love this. I am more like your guru Lubna – always stopping to admire a good flower or house or the sky. Keep this gift! It’s important to find the beauty around us. Thank you for sharing this!

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  2. I think sometimes things like disraction, depression, age, apathy, busyness, troubles, etc., can dull our attention/appreciation and maybe there’s nothing wrong with that. I go through periods where I’m less than enthralled by the world around me but the capacity to *be* captivated invariably returns, usually on its own terms, and it can be about the most minute thing.

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    1. You’re right Colette, there is nothing wrong when you loose apreciation for sometime, and every one has his own way to make it back. but try to not let the busyness or something else take your apreciation for a long time.

      By the way, i missed your posts, I followed you on Instagram, maybe I will find the apreciation of your posts on you photos 🙂

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      1. Thanks, I’ve kept an eye on you too here on WordPress over 2021 but after your 2020 update you were scarce! See ya on Instagram – I’ll be looking to see if you keep posting there.😊

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  3. Great post. I’m so glad you regained your sense of awe. Life can wear us down to a place of « yep….cool » rather than seeing the miracle of life, beauty, gratitude for even the simple things.

    Thanks for following my blog! I appreciate it!

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  4. What you described in this article happens to me now more and more often but the reason for this lack of amazement is the fact that the world, the places in the world have become more and more similar to each other and therefore I cannot see new things in many places. I mean, if I look at a city in America and Africa they all have buildings, people in jeans, if I look at Tokyo I see buildings, if I see Moscow I see the same things. Unfortunately many places no longer have unique and different characteristics from all other places. By now globalization has made almost all places the same and this is very sad. I felt a lot of emotion when I saw the Niagara waterfall up close, and I felt the strength of that water. That sound made my heart tremble.

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    1. Sometimes we get used to things, that’s why we stop being amazed. I consider my self lucky because I’m living in Istanbul right now to restore the gift of amazement.
      But, I can tell you that even if you get used to things, you can always rediscover them. For example there is a restaurant who has a beautiful outside view in Kadiköy, when I’m on my way home I always take the way that passes by that restaurant to see it’s beautiful decoration, even if that way is longer. And this is how I reenjoy things


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