Aren’t Only Heroes, Also Angels (Part2): The Networking

NOTE: This post starts with « Story Two » that means there is a « Story One » and you can find it in the previous post, « Aren’t Only Heroes, Also Angels: The Asking. »

Story Two:

Someday in March 2019, on my way home back from college, I met my ex-neighbor. We talked as any two normal human beings who didn’t see each other for a long time, then he asked me, “Where are you now? (referring to my studies)” I told him that I’m in my final year and I’m working on my final project… And then he said, “If you ever need something, tell me”

If I need something?… I need EVERYTHING. I needed a professional research equipment to finish my project, I was running out of time, I had no idea how I could finish that damn project without that cursed equipment…

And guess what?… My ex-neighbor is a security guard in my college.
Every weekend he was giving me the Lab keys and saying, “Now, you can go and play with your toys”. I had an entire Lab just for me with the best equipment I could imagine, it was like paradise.
I finished my work in time, and my project was known as one of the best projects last year.

Thank you my ex-neighbor for saving my graduation; you’re not only a hero, you’re also an angel.

Story Three:

In my teenage years, I was living in a country where football (or soccer) is a religion. Every single person was playing football, so I let you imagine how football courts were in weekends.
It’s Mission Impossible to find a piece of land to play, and if “by miracle” you find one, you’re given only one hour before other teams start shouting on you to go out.
But this didn’t apply to me, because, my friend knows the security guard of the neighborhood’s primary school…

Every weekend we go to a cafeteria, we buy a cup of coffee, we give it to the security guard, and he gives us access to the sport court of the primary school. We were playing football until we got exhausted, or after the scores were [15 – 18] and we realize that it’s time to stop because it’s not football anymore, it became a handball game.

Thank you my friend’s friend for saving our weekends; you’re not only a hero, you’re also an angel.

I don’t know if what I just told you is legal, but what I’m sure about is that networking is essential, and it doesn’t matter who’s the person you’re connecting with. Everyone is important.

Life is unpredictable and we never know when we gonna be in need, so build and keep good relations with everybody, especially security guards, because they are the only ones who can:

Afford you a football court in exchange of a cup of coffee;
Provide you an entire Laboratory because he’s your neighbor;
Or let you watch a Marvel movie for free even if he doesn’t know you. (read Story One)


Aren’t Only Heroes, Also Angels (Part1): The Asking

Story One:

April 29th, 2019, seven o’clock in the morning, I was facing two choices and I had to make a decision:
– Choice A: Take 3 different buses, make a 2-hour trip, to go to a cinema in the other side of my city, to watch the premiere of Avengers Endgame.
– Choice B: Wait 3 days and watch it in the cinema of the nearby. 

I’m a Marvel guy, so my decision was already made… I drop out a college day, I took the 3 buses, the third one wasn’t the right one so my trip lasted three hours instead of two, I was there by 12:10, the projection starts at 13:00, thank god, all was fine.

Uhh…Nope, it ain’t fine, it wasn’t fine at all. All tickets were sold. It was all but fine…

I was begging people to sell me their tickets, I was up to pay two times the price, three times if they want to, but everyone was telling me, “Dude I can’t. This is THE ENDGAME dude!” So the only solution left was: Waiting for the next projection.

The next projection starts at 05 PM, that means if I stay for the following session, the movie will end at 08 PM.
The bus service stops at 07 PM, that means if I watch the movie, I will not be able to go back home.
But still have the taxi option, and that means I will pay a fortune, but it doesn’t matter, after all, “This is THE ENDGAME dude!” And it worth it…

I don’t know how I came with the idea to go to the security guard and tell him my story; tell him how I travelled from the other side of earth to watch this movie, and if I wait for the next projection, I will not find a transport to take me back home. Then I finished my miserable story with: “I can sit on the floor and watch the movie, I don’t mind…” He smiled, and of course he thought I was crazy, and then he said, “Wait a minute.”

After 30 seconds he asked me to follow him; we took the stairs to the up floor, to a place where all the chairs were empty, except the one where a child was sitting on.
I asked the guard, “Should I pay you or should I go back down and pay the ticket seller…?” His answer was, “No, you don’t have to pay a penny, just take a seat and enjoy the movie.”
At this moment my mind was blown, this man just made my entire day, and the best phrase my mouth could pronounce was a thank you – what a shame -…

I set down near the child. This kid was the son of the security guard, and that place was the VIP section of the cinema.

What I’ve learned from this experience? 
1. Never hesitate to ask for something, in the worst cases you will get a “no”.
2. Security guards are not only superheroes, they are also angels.