3 Movies, 10 Lessons after 7 Years

I don’t exactly remember the year when I watched « Forest Gump » for the first time, maybe 6 or 7 years ago… At this time, I was in my late teenage years, and I’m surprised how my impressions on « Forrest Gump » were very superficial and totally different comparing to those of few days ago when I’ve seen it for the second time.

I got nostalgic. Now I’m rewatching all the movies that I’ve seen in my teenage years (movies that kept a something inside my chest) because… 
First, I miss those old gold classic movies, full of mixed emotions and full of life lessons… Things that I can’t find in today’s movies. 
Secundo, to know how my vision toward things changed after – approximately – a decade, and to share the lessons I learned, here…

What I learned after watching « Forrest Gump » for the second time:

  • About Family: If everybody is against you, your family always keeps supporting, motivating and teaching you until the last breath of their life. You must be thankful for that.
  • About Friendship: A real friendship is based on loyalty. Not money, not character, not beauty and not intelligence…
  • About Love: You know you are living a real love story when whatever your day was good or bad, full of adventure or not, at the end of that day you will think about the person you love.
  • About Life: Don’t eat the same chocolate all the time, try other flavors, even a small bite though. If you don’t like the taste, put it down and try another one. Always try new things.

What I learned after watching « Moneyball » for the second time:

  • About Inner Conflicts: Once you accept failure you embrace success.
  • About Success: To make history you should sacrifice all… All. All. All.
  • About Money: In France they have a proverb that says “L’argent ne fait pas le bonheure” if I translate it could be “Money doesn’t make happiness”. I’ve never believed in that proverb, and this movie just confirmed I was right.

What I learned after watching « 12 Angry Men » for the second time:

  • About People: Give 100 excuses before you judge someone.
  • About Me: Don’t be afraid to express your opinion, your act can make a huge difference.
  • About Movies: You don’t have to spend hundred millions of dollars to make a great movie, all what you need is a table, 12 chairs and a great writer.

Some of these lessons I knew them before, some, I updated them, and others, I figured them out only after watching those movies for the second time. Maybe in a decade I will watch them again and find out I was totally wrong or maybe mostly right.

But the most important thing I learned is: I grow up comparing to 7 years ago and it’s a good sign. I’m reassured.