I Know, I’m Late… But Here is What 2020 was for Me

What a bizarre, odd, strange, unusual and weird year we recently lived, it was like a slap which reminded us that our tomorrow is not as predictable as we may think.
But regarding how unbelievable the last year was, although, I experienced some unique things that I’m sure they would never been happened if 2020 wasn’t there…

  • I returned to blogging… Finally! After four years of absence, I decided to return back to do the thing I enjoy the most. Maybe if 2020 didn’t happen, I might delay that to another year or -worse-, maybe quitting blogging forever.
  • I learned to be easy with myself… Watching a movie instead of reading a book, or playing a game instead of taking an online course, is just fine. As someone told me..« It’s a pandemic and not a productivity contest, so relax. » 
  • I experienced my limits… I finished 2 books, 2 online courses, written 3 posts, watched 5 documentaries, listened to dozens of podcasts and took further levels of a new language, all of this in just one week. However, I felt like I could do better, so, I have no excuses in the future.
  • I met new people… It’s a kinda of unusual phrase to hear when we talk about 2020, but I met a plenty of great people from many different countries while I was playing online games.
  • I saved a lot of money… No restaurants, no coffees, no travel, no friend meetings, add to that no need to buy new clothes cause I was wearing pajamas all the time… Guys, I’m rich.
  • I discovered K-drama and Anime… What an amazing world! It’s like falling in a black hole, and now, I can’t get out from it.
  • I adopted a dog… I learned that raising a pet is hard, and giving it to someone who may take care of it better than me, is even harder.
  • I grew up my hair… For the first time, I was concerned about the ingredients of my shampoo.
  • I did my first TikTok challenge (and the last) … It was a MESS, but I’ll keep it for my children to show them what kind of crap their father was doing during a historical pandemic.
  • I spent more time with my family… After living five years alone, I lost that « strong family connection »; to be honest, I felt uncomfortable every time I went back to my family’s house… But the last year, I chose to spend the lockdown with my family and it was the best decision to make.

2020 was hard and easy, light and heavy, sad and happy at the same time, it was the year of uncommon experiences and a very special chapter of my life. I’m glad I lived a such intense thing and I survived. Now, I hope the upcoming would be brighter.


Aren’t Only Heroes, Also Angels (Part2): The Networking

NOTE: This post starts with « Story Two » that means there is a « Story One » and you can find it in the previous post, « Aren’t Only Heroes, Also Angels: The Asking. »

Story Two:

Someday in March 2019, on my way home back from college, I met my ex-neighbor. We talked as any two normal human beings who didn’t see each other for a long time, then he asked me, “Where are you now? (referring to my studies)” I told him that I’m in my final year and I’m working on my final project… And then he said, “If you ever need something, tell me”

If I need something?… I need EVERYTHING. I needed a professional research equipment to finish my project, I was running out of time, I had no idea how I could finish that damn project without that cursed equipment…

And guess what?… My ex-neighbor is a security guard in my college.
Every weekend he was giving me the Lab keys and saying, “Now, you can go and play with your toys”. I had an entire Lab just for me with the best equipment I could imagine, it was like paradise.
I finished my work in time, and my project was known as one of the best projects last year.

Thank you my ex-neighbor for saving my graduation; you’re not only a hero, you’re also an angel.

Story Three:

In my teenage years, I was living in a country where football (or soccer) is a religion. Every single person was playing football, so I let you imagine how football courts were in weekends.
It’s Mission Impossible to find a piece of land to play, and if “by miracle” you find one, you’re given only one hour before other teams start shouting on you to go out.
But this didn’t apply to me, because, my friend knows the security guard of the neighborhood’s primary school…

Every weekend we go to a cafeteria, we buy a cup of coffee, we give it to the security guard, and he gives us access to the sport court of the primary school. We were playing football until we got exhausted, or after the scores were [15 – 18] and we realize that it’s time to stop because it’s not football anymore, it became a handball game.

Thank you my friend’s friend for saving our weekends; you’re not only a hero, you’re also an angel.

I don’t know if what I just told you is legal, but what I’m sure about is that networking is essential, and it doesn’t matter who’s the person you’re connecting with. Everyone is important.

Life is unpredictable and we never know when we gonna be in need, so build and keep good relations with everybody, especially security guards, because they are the only ones who can:

Afford you a football court in exchange of a cup of coffee;
Provide you an entire Laboratory because he’s your neighbor;
Or let you watch a Marvel movie for free even if he doesn’t know you. (read Story One)

3 Movies, 10 Lessons after 7 Years

I don’t exactly remember the year when I watched « Forest Gump » for the first time, maybe 6 or 7 years ago… At this time, I was in my late teenage years, and I’m surprised how my impressions on « Forrest Gump » were very superficial and totally different comparing to those of few days ago when I’ve seen it for the second time.

I got nostalgic. Now I’m rewatching all the movies that I’ve seen in my teenage years (movies that kept a something inside my chest) because… 
First, I miss those old gold classic movies, full of mixed emotions and full of life lessons… Things that I can’t find in today’s movies. 
Secundo, to know how my vision toward things changed after – approximately – a decade, and to share the lessons I learned, here…

What I learned after watching « Forrest Gump » for the second time:

  • About Family: If everybody is against you, your family always keeps supporting, motivating and teaching you until the last breath of their life. You must be thankful for that.
  • About Friendship: A real friendship is based on loyalty. Not money, not character, not beauty and not intelligence…
  • About Love: You know you are living a real love story when whatever your day was good or bad, full of adventure or not, at the end of that day you will think about the person you love.
  • About Life: Don’t eat the same chocolate all the time, try other flavors, even a small bite though. If you don’t like the taste, put it down and try another one. Always try new things.

What I learned after watching « Moneyball » for the second time:

  • About Inner Conflicts: Once you accept failure you embrace success.
  • About Success: To make history you should sacrifice all… All. All. All.
  • About Money: In France they have a proverb that says “L’argent ne fait pas le bonheure” if I translate it could be “Money doesn’t make happiness”. I’ve never believed in that proverb, and this movie just confirmed I was right.

What I learned after watching « 12 Angry Men » for the second time:

  • About People: Give 100 excuses before you judge someone.
  • About Me: Don’t be afraid to express your opinion, your act can make a huge difference.
  • About Movies: You don’t have to spend hundred millions of dollars to make a great movie, all what you need is a table, 12 chairs and a great writer.

Some of these lessons I knew them before, some, I updated them, and others, I figured them out only after watching those movies for the second time. Maybe in a decade I will watch them again and find out I was totally wrong or maybe mostly right.

But the most important thing I learned is: I grow up comparing to 7 years ago and it’s a good sign. I’m reassured.