Dealing with Passion

« Find your passion », « Follow your passion »; two trendy phrases that became a tradition in every billionaire’s speech when he tries to inspire people, and reveal the secret of his success…

Passion is something completely emotional, and who says emotion says heart, and following your heart isn’t the best option to choose if you want to make a wise decision. A decision made by heart usually leads to Chaos.

Did you know that the passion of Steve Jobs when he was in college was typography?
That means if he followed his passion, he could be a font designer.
Did you know that the passion of Steve Jobs when he drop out college was meditation and spiritual quest?
That means if he followed his passion, he could be an Ashram Guru in India.

Steve Jobs has a quote that I admire a lot, he says “…The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.”
I agree with the first part of the quote. But with a big regret and harmful pain I would say: Sorry Steve, you may be wrong concerning the second part of the quote.
If I authorize myself to edit this quote I would say “…The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, stop looking. You will not find it; it will find you.”

Yes, you don’t find your passion, it’s the passion who finds you. For me this is the right and the healthy passion that leads to success. CHANGE MY MIND.

And these are the 4 steps of how to allow “healthy” passion to find you:

  1. Find a job matching ability and pleasure; that means, take a piece of paper, note your skills, search for jobs that fit your skills, then choose the one you think you will have fun while doing it. Ability and pleasure are measurable unlike passion which is emotional.
  2. Once you find the right job, start working, and then you must succeed in that job, you must distinguish yourself as one of the best individuals in your position.
  3. Stay there, just take your time, don’t rush yourself to change your job, you will not realize if it is your passion within a week or a month, just stay, and get more achievements.
  4. Suddenly the passion comes to you, and you will recognize it. Because, when a new day starts you feel pushed to go work and achieve a new success, when everyone goes home at night, you keep doing an extra work to achieve an extra success. And because you admire your job, and you achieve a success after another, you will do the great work that Steve talked about.

Steve Jobs also passed by the 4 steps to find his true passion, oh sorry **allow the passion to find him**:

  • He started in a field of ability and pleasure; the man is a technician, a consultant, a visionary, a great speaker and a leader, the perfect skills to be the CEO of a tech company, and of course he enjoyed doing it comparing to studying in college. 
  • He achieved success with the work he does, he was selling PCBs to Atari and personal computers (Apple I) to people.
  • He took his time before meeting his passion, between Apple I (the computer) and creating Apple (the company) there is one year.
  • And finally, passion knocked his door, and told him that changing humans’ life with revolutionary products is what he loves to do, so he created Apple and you know what happened next.

I have no idea how to end this post, there is a lot of things I didn’t say, but I don’t like long posts though, so feel free to share your thoughts on comments, and I will add some parts on comments if I find it’s necessary.


24 thoughts on “Dealing with Passion

  1. Sometimes I think we don’t try hard enough to find our passion. We just give up easily and follow others like sheeps. We are so much pressurised by the society that we don’t believe in our ability to find what we like.

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  2. Such interesting points ! I definitely agree – going after your passion is 50/50. 50% it coming to you and 50% you working hard for it. The universe helps in mysterious ways. It can show you the door, but it’s up to you to walk through it!
    Great read ! 🙂

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  3. Interesting post with the background information you shared about Steve Jobs, especially since you were talking about Jobs. it can be difficult to find a job that allows you passion, you may live in a small town, you have a wife, mortgage, kids are school and yet you are in a job that pays not too bad and you need to be responsible. Often the only thing you enjoy in life is your attitude. So you find a way to see your purpose, to do the job better, to be creative, and you create the best atmosphere for others around you who are also doing work that is meaningful, beneficial but maybe not what they would like to be passionate about, like sports. – David
    I read your About page but you still remain secret. Bi-lingual is my assumption and male. I hope wherever in the world you are that you have a pleasant day. – David

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    1. We always take the example of the billionaire who followed his passion and succeeded, and ignore all the hundreds of people who followed what they thought it was their passion and their life were destroyed. Because of that I insisted about “it’s the passion that finds you, and it’s not you who find it.” And to make a relation with what you wrote in comment, I can say that doing your job better, being creative, and creating best atmosphere… are things that – with time – make you realize that your current job is your passion, and that’s opens you the doors of great success.

      Thank you for this comment, it brought value for the post.
      By the way, I think I will adopt the description of ” The secret bilingual man.”

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  4. Great post on an important subject. I do agree with you. The media makes it sound too easy, forgetting that people have real lives and real bills to pay. Sometimes dropping everything to pursue your passion can end in disaster.

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  5. I agree with a great deal of this! As a freelance novelist and scriptwriter, I struggled for a while to think of a day job that wouldn’t drive me crazy with mundane details. Then a business owner approached me and invited me to start the entire marketing/communications branch of the company! While I earned degrees in marketing and rhetoric, I thought I would have to work up the corporate ladder before obtaining any kind of noteworthy position– something I didn’t look forward to doing at all. But now that I have been with this company for two years, the relationships and the work have been so much more fulfilling than I could have expected, and my passion for storytelling is finding outlets not only in my freelance work, but also in the marketing department. Who would have thought?!

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  6. I think that you can definitely keep trying to find your passion, don’t stop and wait, you’re just wasting time being miserable. Why not keep searching and it will happen? I hate when I hear how miserable people are in their jobs. Then do something else or stop bitching. Yes, I understand bills must be paid but it takes two to make a horrible situation. If you go to work everyday with negativity, guess what you get back?!?!?

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    1. – If you don’t know what your passion is, put yourself in a position (Like I explained in the 4 steps) to allow the passion to find you. (That’s the non-emotional way to find your passion).

      – If you know what your passion is, be careful before you make the decision of following it. A lot of people thought that medicine is their passion after watching Dr House, and when they followed their passion they found that it’s the complete opposite of what they want to spend the rest of their life in.

      – If you are miserable in your work, change it, nothing matters more than your mental health, and It doesn’t worth to live in negativity for some money. But before you follow what you think it’s your passion, try first to change the company and not the field of work, maybe your current field is your passion but the people and the toxic environment of your previous company made you feel miserable and prevented you from reaching success.

      Thank you so much for you comment Stine!

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  7. Passions are always settled in our heart …I found my passion i. e. Writing poems and my experiences …dear you have written these words so ossomly! Good job! I was in just in just elementary school and started writing… And my words were started being adorable by people …I am currently a high school student.. 💝💚

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