Thoughts on Marketing: The Toy Store Experience

Let’s suppose the following scenario:
A child in a toy store holding a toy in his hands and asking his dad to buy it, but dad says « no ».
What will happen is:
– Answer (A): The child says « ok dad » and put the toy back in its place.
– Answer (B): The child starts crying and lying in the floor for a toy that his dad doesn’t want to buy. But at the end, the cashier passes the toy in the barcode reader, and the child is smiling with eyes full of tears that didn’t dry yet.

If you chose Answer (A), you have an amazing child. Don’t continue reading, what I’m talking about next may not convince you. Thank you.

When Apple opened the first Apple Store in 2001, all retail experts and analysts have predicted its fail. They were right, because they saw it in number’s perspective. But their prediction failed, because they didn’t see it in Steve’s Jobs perspective.
Steve Jobs understood that it’s all about the user experience, and Apple Stores drive a great customer experience. 

When you go to an Apple Store and you hold the new iPhone in your hands, you can see how amazing the design is, you can see how fast the phone is, you can see how the camera is great and you can see how it fits perfectly in your hands. And that creates a kind of special connection between you and the new iPhone, makes you want to buy it. 
This is exactly what happens to the child when he holds the new toy in his hands. Because, once you catch it, it’s hard to release it. And this is what I call « The Toy Store Experience ».

Business and marketing experts say that what made Apple what it is today might not be its revolutionary products like the Mac, the iPod or the iPhone … But It is the Apple Stores. What other competitors don’t have.

If your product is -for example- an App, it is easy for you to show your great product to your costumer to make him want to buy it. All what you have to do is offering him a trial period.
But, when it comes to a physical product, I think you should consider the Toy Store Experience.

Ads make people discover your product, but user experience make them want to buy it.


22 thoughts on “Thoughts on Marketing: The Toy Store Experience

  1. I never thought about it in this way, but yes, it is a way of looking at things.
    I remember that when I was in the high school we were thought that good things don’t need commercials to be sold, as people know its a great and qualitative product.
    The connection between the kid and the toy can be viewed from different perspectives though as it is a sensitive subject.
    The child does not know how to take NO as an answer, and tries everything in his power to receive that most desired thing. Because kids have no limitations and they take things as they are, without even thinking about the consequences.
    Regarding the customer care I came to understand in time that it is a great tool that can attract many buyers and can make a terrific difference. For example, at my job I get to speak with people from all over the world, all of them in various situations being stuck at one point in an IT issue. Believe me, they don’t start the conversation cheerful and happy, but angry and irritated, confused because they do not know what to do.
    I came to understand that in order to resolve a problem it is better to understand the customer, to be involved in his problem, rather than just applying the IT Procedure at once. Because it will be easier to resolve a problem of any sort when being at peace and relaxed, than being angry and starting the swear of all Gods on this earth.
    Working in this manner not only you will get the customer on your side but you will also get good results, great audits and happy clients.
    Thank you for sharing and have an amazing Sunday ahead! ^^

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