Thoughts on Marketing: How to Sell as an Artist?

This is a sequel of the previous post “Why Marketing is an Art?” of the series “Thoughts on Marketing”. I suggest to read it first before you go with this one.

I believe that the best way to explain something to someone, is by giving him an example. And to explain how to sell as an artist, I think there is not a better example than Elon Musk to do it.

I did a small research about why artists are masters in selling, and I found that artists have 3 common tools they use when they sell, and by surprise Elon Musk use them too…

  1. Artists sell names
    I’m not bringing a scoop here, but, when you buy an artwork you actually buying the name of the artist.

    Elon is called the Tony Stark of the real life, and being compared to a superhero IS. JUST. DOPE.
    When The Boring Company sells “Not A Flamethrower”, people buy it like cookies; 
    When SpaceX lunches a rocket, millions of people watch the live on YouTube;
    When Tesla announces a new car, its name trends on twitter; and who is behind all of this? Elon Musk.
    If tomorrow Elon decides to start something crazy like a company that builds planets, investors will rush to invest in it, simply because it is built by Elon Musk.

    Having a strong name (as a person) in business is an absolute necessity. Today the first thing that matters for investors when they put their money in startups, is the persons who run the company. If you are a silly person no one will do business with you, so no one will buy what you sell.
    And to build a strong name you should: – Have a vision, – Know what you do, – Be a hard worker and – Keep your promises.

  2. Artists are sellers
    When an artist sells his artwork, he does it itself.

    Elon is the CEO and CTO of his companies, and I’m sure that he has the last word when it comes to marketing too.
    Recently Tesla introduced the Cybertruck, It’s a pickup with the DeLorean design… I don’t think that the responsible of marketing in Tesla came with the idea of changing the 100 years tradition of pickup design. Only a crazy person can do it, and it can’t be another than Elon Musk… 
    Result, selling more Cybertrucks in 10 days than other pickup companies sell in 1 year.

    So, when it comes to sell your product, DIY, because no one knows your product more than you.

  3. Artists sell emotions
    Seth Godin said: “Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make but about the stories you tell.”

    Telling a story that bring emotions, is the best way to influence, convince and stick in people heads, and of course Elon Musk do it (in his way)…
    Elon use sarcasm and memes to promote his products. He makes people laugh, and happiness is an emotion.

And that’s it.
If you want to sell as an artist, just apply the formula:

Build a name, DIY then Cry 


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